1. 17 weeks and 4 days

    17 weeks!

    Size of baby: Apparently as big as a sweet potato at this point. 

    Gender: I’m pretty sure it’s a girl. Given my last scan, but we’ll confirm that in 2 weeks.

    Names: Don’t know yet!

    Symptoms: Well this week has been hard. Caught a stomach bug, or the flu that was pretty violent for 24 hours. I’m still not over it. Had to go to the hospital for dehydration which could’ve been dangerous for the baby, if not treated, and that was probably the worst thing to happen to me in months. Found out I’m dead disgusted with having a needle down my arm for more than 3 hours, so I’m kind of not looking forward to birthing in a hospital now.

    Maternity ClothesYeah, just the jeans though, I can still wear my dresses and leggings and tights which is a relief given the temperature

    Weight: I’m at 56 kg now, which is 5 kg more than what I was weighing before.

    Fetal Movement: I can feel her pushing for sure, that’s what it feels like for me…

    Sleep: Decent sleeping even though I get up every hour to pee. That can happen like 6 times a night.

    Cravings: I have obssessions like, beets for a week, or bagels, and then I only want to eat that for days. Nothing weird though.

    Aversions: I hate seeing anything that isn’t cooked, or raw. Or chicken bones and whatnot. Just gross.

    What you miss: Right now I miss Alex since I’m in Montreal and he’s not. Didn’t think it would be that hard to live without your boyfriend when pregnant but it’s definately harder than ever now to be without him and without the support. I’ve usually been away from my past boyfriends for way longer without really feeling the physical need, but right now it feels awful to be away from him.

    Best moment this week: Having our family find out we are having a girl

    What I Look Forward To: Meeting her. 

    Other Interesting Things about This Week:  I can’t forget to wash my hands every 10 minutes in the plane anymore. Man. Never again.

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